VOOM is a Super stylish pod starter package that has a simple one-piece design. The electric cigarette comes with a built-in 320mAh battery that lasts up to 3 days (average average time). VOOM will offer equipment with a refillable pod that you can choose for yourself, but there are also pre-filled pods to buy with different flavors.

Kit includes:

1 Rechargeable Voom device
1 Pod
1 USB charging dock
Battery Specifications:

Capacity - 320mAh
Weight - 16.2 g
Output voltage - 3.6v
Charging time - about an hour
Material - aluminum alloy

Capacity - 1.2 ml
Weight - 4.1 g
Coil resistance - 1.2Ω

To use - Just put the pod on your device and enjoy!
Charging - The device has four different color indicators that tell you how much charge is left on the battery.
Green LED = fully charged
White LED = 1/2 charged
Blue LED = 1/4 charged
Red LED = No charge

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